10/40 Focus Nations
Prayer Week

8-15 March 2020

Bringing together Christians from around the globe to pray for the 10/40 Focus Nations.


Current "10/40 Window"

The current definition of the 10/40 region includes countries across Asia and Africa that are within 10º – 40º North of the equator. It includes a group of 57 countries within this belt. This definition unfortunately excludes several Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Maldives and more.

10/40 Focus Nations

Spiritual Leadership Asia is expanding our footprint and redefining out boundaries to include all Asian countries that are within 10º South to 40º North of the equator. When God looks at this region, He doesn’t view this as a restricted region, but a region that demands our focus and prayer, so that everyone, everywhere can hear about His love and His salvation, that has been paid in full.

This region includes a cluster of 63 countries and is home to over 5.3 billion of the world’s population.

A Time to Pray

The 10/40 Focus Nations includes over 5.3 billion people, a vast majority of whom have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel. It is a region that is home to all of the alternate religions, intense spiritual warfare and much persecution. It is also a region where people are open to the gospel and many open doors. Our prayer is that the Lord will raise an abundance of labourers that can take the message of the gospel throughout this region.

If you have a heart for missions and a heart for souls in this region, we would like to invite you to partner with us in this week of prayer for the 10/40 Focus Nations.
Set an alarm at 10:40 AM or PM from 8th -15th March for a prayer reminder and commit to praying for one hour.

May this time of dedicated prayer and focus for the 10/40 Focus Nations result in much fruit and a great harvest of souls. May it also rekindle the work of the ministry all across the region and a revival in many lives.

Matthew 26:40 ….”would ye not watch with me one hour”

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