Title Speaker
A Soulwinning Pastor Pastor Alan Fong
Compassion in Soulwinning / Leading by Example Pastor Mark Campbell
Basics of Soulwinning Outreach Pastor Jerry Ferrso
Bringing Soulwinning Back to an Established Church / Restoring Blurred Vision Pastor Dean Miller
Title Speaker
Leading Our Church in Soulwinning and Missions Rudy Abrot
Personal Purity Pastor Kerry Nance
Stewarding Church Finances and Budgets - Management and Accountability Ben Hobbs
2 Timothy 2:2 Pastor Dave Delaney
Growing in Grace as a Leader David Clear
Sharpening and Execution of Your Vision - Engaging Your Leaders and the Church Pastor Jason Murphy
Keys to Faithfulness Pastor Bryan Treadway
Maintaining Joy While Pressing Forth Pastor Scott Gray
Through Trials to Triumph Pastor Doug Fisher
The Rescue and Recovery of Those In Snares of Addiction Pastor Paul Kingsbury
Effectively Managing Church Ministry and Administration in a Growing Church Pastor Scott Wendal
Established in the Faith - Tools and Resources Pastor Keith Piper
The Progression of Discipling and Grounding New Believers Campus Pastor Peter Mordh
Honoring God as a Layman (to laymen) Tim Rosen
Praying for the Harvest, Preaching in the Harvest, Participating with the Saints in the Harvest Terry Unruh
Preparing for Transition Peter Folger
Truth vs. Preferences Evangelist John Goetsch
Forgiveness / Resolving Conflict Pastor Ezequiel Salazar
The Balancing of Ministry Seasons Tate Throndson
Ministry in the Community: Loving God, Loving People Pastor Tim Ruhl
Title Speaker
Relevant without Compromise Tyler Gillit
Developing a Team: Mentoring Staff and Church Leaders and Building Volunteer Support Pastor Mike Mutchler
Baptist Distinctives Pastor Jim Alter
Labouring Together - Training Leaders in the 10/40 Window Pastor Doug Sisson
How to Biblically Handle Criticism Evangelist Tom Farrell
The Pastor as an Overseer Pastor Tim Rabon
Ministry Within: Edifying a Flock Timothy Choi
The Pastor's Family (Personal Accountability, Relationships, and Leading Your Home) Gerald McKelroy
Strengthening the Church - Building a Culture of Participants and Not Spectators Steve Chappell
True to Our Heritage - Who We Are and What We Stand For Pastor Joe Shakour
How to Prepare for a Special Day Pastor Brent Armstrong
Leading Others (Pastoring Every Generation) Pastor Ryan Thompson
Leading through Transition / Preparing for Change in Ministry (to another church/work) Pastor Rob Kurtz
Title Speaker
Youth Rally Pastor Dean Miller
Youth Rally Youth Ministry Pastor Larry Chappell
Title Speaker
Building a Church Youth Group and Youth Outreach Ministry Youth Ministry Pastor Larry Chappell
Title Speaker
Church Music - Music Ministry Administration Daniel Hopkins
Church Music - Retaining Your Focus on Worship Daniel Hopkins
Title Speaker
A Christian Testimony in Your Business John Solansky
Building Blocks of Christian Business Keith Lay
Developing the Leaders Around You Niranjan Sundararaj
Developing the Leader in You Mark Cover
Title Speaker
Co-Laborers with God for Missions - Taking Your Place in the Work of Missions Pastor David Snyder
Developing and Maintaining Vision for the Harvest Pastor Gerry Nable
Striving Together for Missions (Ensuring Missions is the Focus of Your Church) Pastor Kevin Folger
Labouring Together: Church Planting in a Difficult Culture Pastor Adam Fridenstine
Church Planting in the 10/40 Window - Being Strategic and Expanding Through National Pastors Pastor Rick Martin
College Students
Title Speaker
Grounded in the Truth Evangelist John Goetsch
Title Speaker
Forgetting, Forgiving, and Moving On Danielle Mordh
Overcoming Worry Terrie Chappell