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Dear Guest,

Roundtable Asia is an exclusive event for Christian Business leaders and Professionals like you, that have a heart for missions and a desire to change this world for Jesus Christ. Your Roundtable Asia registration includes full access to both, the Roundtable Asia Conference and the Spiritual Leadership Conference, which begins immediately following the Roundtable Asia meetings.

Through this remarkable opportunity, you will network with other Christian business leaders, Legal and Medical Professionals to collectively investigate how you can have a part in the evangelization of the Asia and the 10/40 region. A vast majority of the countries in this region are closed or restricted access nations. They are also some of the poorest countries in the world.

You will have the opportunity to engage with missionaries and national pastors to discuss and understand the specific challenges and opportunities of each field. You will be invited to work in small groups comprising of ministry workers, business leaders, legal and medical professionals to prayerfully assess needs and develop a strategy to increase the influence of the gospel in specific countries in Asia and the 10/40 region. You will be encouraged, challenged, and equipped to make an impact for the cause of Christ.

Niranjan Sundararaj

Founder - Leadership Asia