Section 3

4 things

Sponsor a Delegate

Registration Sponsor - $50

The cost of providing the conference is roughly $80 per delegate. However, these national pastors are not in a position to afford the full registration fee. Your $50 partial sponsorship allows us to provide conference registration to these pastors for $30 each.

Travel Sponsor

Domestic Travel Sponsor - $100

A sponsorship of $100 per person will be used towards subsidizing travel cost of national pastors from proven├žal areas of the Philippines.

Meal Sponsor

Meal Sponsor - $100

National pastors from proven├žal areas of the Philippines will be housed in local churches. Your sponsorship of $100 will be used to cover the costs incurred by these churches.

Conference Sponsor

Conference Sponsor - $75

By faith we have contracted the Venue and also kept the cost of the registration fee affordable. Your contribution will help us cover this need.