Session Schedule

session schedule

Wednesday 11:00

Session Speaker Room
Session: Vision Through Preaching Speaker: Kerry Nance Room: 1
Session: Tailoring Ministry to Reach Minority Communities Speaker: Carlos Navarrete Room: 2
Session: Establishing a Soulwinning Focus in your Local Church Speaker: Jerry Ferrso Room: 3
Session: Ladies Session Speaker: Danielle Mordh Room: 4
Session: Honoring God In Business Speaker: Jeff Crockett Room: 5

Wednesday 12:00

Session Speaker Room
Session: Power Through Prayer Speaker: Tim Ruhl Room: 1
Session: Ethics and Accountability in Ministry Speaker: Alan Fong Room: 2
Session: Training Our Generation and the Next for the Harvest Speaker: Gerry Nable Room: 3
Session: Being a Young Pastor in an Established Church Speaker: Ryan Thompson Room: 4
Session: Allowing God to Move You Speaker: Warren Bale Room: 5

Wednesday 2:30

Session Speaker Room
Session: Reformers Unanimous Speaker: Paul Kingsbury Room: 1
Session: Evangelistic Outreach Speaker: Mike Mutchler Room: 2
Session: Serving with Grace and Truth Speaker: Scott Gray Room: 3
Session: China - Behind Closed Doors Speaker: Brent Armstrong Room: 4
Session: A Biblical Focus on Money Speaker: Tim Rosen Room: 5

Wednesday 4:00

Session Speaker Room
Session: Reaching Millenials with the Gospel Speaker: Dave Delaney Room: 1
Session: Church Planting Speaker: Rick Martin Room: 2
Session: Structuring Your Ministry for Growth Speaker: Ryan Thompson Room: 3
Session: Discipling Converts Speaker: Enoch Kim Room: 4
Session: A Businessman’s Place in Ministry Speaker: Nahum Galdamez Room: 5

Thursday 11:00

Session Speaker Room
Session: Developing Your Message Outline Speaker: John Goetsch Room: 1
Session: Embracing Your Struggles Speaker: Doug Fisher Room: 2
Session: Ladies TBD Speaker: Salazar Room: 3
Session: Regions of the World: Asia and the 10/40 Window Speaker: Undisclosed Room: 4
Session: Soulwinning Speaker: Johnny Boswell Room: 5

Thursday 12:00

Session Speaker Room
Session: Cooperation in Missions Speaker: David Snyder Room: 1
Session: Reformer’s Unanimous Speaker: Paul Kingsbury Room: 2
Session: Victory Over Discouragement Speaker: Ezequiel Salazar Room: 3
Session: Ministering to the Military Speaker: Tom Lancaster Room: 4
Session: Strategy Speaker: Niranjan Sundararaj Room: 5

Thursday 2:30

Session Speaker Room
Session: Church Staff Development Speaker: Brent Armstrong Room: 1
Session: Retaining You Music Philosophy and Focus Speaker: Jon Guy Room: 2
Session: Following Up on New Converts Speaker: Doug Sisson Room: 3
Session: Regions of the World: South America Speaker: Ed Bordell Room: 4
Session: Being Blessed Financially in order to Be a Blessing Financially Speaker: Keith Lay Room: 5

Thursday 4:00

Session Speaker Room
Session: Youth Ministry Speaker: Larry Chappell Room: 1
Session: Faithfulness in Ministry Speaker: Benny Abante Room: 2
Session: Church Planting Ideas for Creative Access Nations Speaker: Dwight Tomlinson Room: 3
Session: The Key To Fulfillment in Life Speaker: Rob Kurtz Room: 4
Session: Developing a Children’s Ministry Speaker: Tom Geer Room: 5